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Erik started his music career playing piano, and currently plays both guitar and piano. He has performed in statewide music competitions in both piano and guitar, and has performed with professional bands since age 15. His piano education started early, where he discovered his favorite, J.S. Bach, as well as Mozart and Beethoven.

Starting out in school garage bands, Erik quickly used his experience teaching guitar at Melody Music in Fond du Lac, WI to join working bands in the Fox River Valley area. He has played weddings, school dances, and at festival events. While at Melody Music, Erik’s continued his musical education with Jim Schustedt, who is now a senior editor for the world’s largest sheet music publishing company, Hal Leonard Publishing.

Able to play a number of styles, Erik prefers Blues, Classic Rock, and Pop/Rock.

Currently, his musical projects run in two genres: Rock/Blues and New Age (think of artists like Enya, Kitaro, Peter Gabriel’s Passion, or Enigma). Anything to do with blues recordings or early rock satisfies his main musical needs, and the New Age projects are for his wife, Karla. She enjoyed listening to a NPR program called “Echoes”, featuring music of the genre. When it went off the air, Erik made a couple of experimental recordings to see if it would ease Karla’s loss. It did, and became an alternative musical outlet.

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    The Studio

While in transition to the newer, sleeker, more portable studio rig that is slowly coming together, Erik uses the following equipment:

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    The Legendary Songbook

What started out as an attempt to keep inebriated revelers on the same page musically, has now ... become a tool to keep inebriated, campfire-burning revelers close to the same page, lyrically speaking.


Now with 33% more copyright infringement!

Hopefully, you’ll soon be on The Island belting out tunes as loudly as possible, with not a soul around to hear you.

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    Upcoming Performances


Contact me for availability, to fill-in for another band member, or to schedule an upcoming show.

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