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Complete archives are shown below

Johnny B on the prowl, Halloween 2001

Dave, Teresa, and Phil - Halloween 2001

Halloween 2001

Pete as the Sea Captain

At Schmitty's Cabin, 2002

Snowmobiling on the Peshtigo, 2002

The Door County Music Sessions, 2002

Three Brekke men - Knute, Erik, & Korkee

Erik and Martha, Brother and Sister

Huxley taking in the view, 2003

Huxley loose on The Island, 2002

Pete on The Island, 2002

Abby, Karla, and Teresa

John after Hot Beans A-Flyin'

Beavers in the Jackson Marsh, 2006

The Brekke's, 2001

The Brekke's, 2001

John and Pete on the Wisconsin River

Dave, Sofi, Robb, and Jill on The Island

Dave and Erik after a Flasch Basch, 2003

Fender Stratocaster in Swamp Ash

Erik and three gorgeous women, 2001

On the Wisconsin River, 2002

Erik as the Classic Burglar, 2004

Approaching The Island

Karl and Erik, Father and Son, 2006

Erik & Karla dancing the night away, 2001

Looking good for a wedding, 2004

Collecting firewood on The Island

The Studio in Germantown, circa 1998.

Erik and Karla at Schmitty's Cabin, 2002

No showers on The Island, 2006

Erik, Dave, and John watching goats, 2005

At Kevin's wedding in Bayfield, 2004

Scott and Teresa, photogenic as ever

Giant Goldenrod in the Jackson Marsh, 2006

Jackson Marsh looking south, 2006

Filling up the barrel of beer

Horseshoes at The Farm, 2004

Synchronicity on The Island

The Island's east bay

John, Erik, and Scott at Matt's wedding

Erik and Canadian Pete jammin' away, 2000

John up close, 2001

Excited about something

John and Stacy, 2006

Karla's Halloween costume, 2004

Karla, John, and Pete on the Wisconsin River, 2003

The beautiful Wisconsin River

The Island, looking east

The Island, looking northwest

The Island

The Island at dusk, 2002

Mark after a rough night

Memorial Day on The Island

In the Third Ward, 2004

Another filling of the beer barrel

Pete expressing his frustration from empty kegs, 2004

Scott and Pete, posing without fish

The Studio, 2004

Robb, Abby, and Karla talk while someone else doesn't, 2003

At the helm of the Sojourn, 2001

Schmitty's Cabin, 2002

Ticking away the moments on The Island, 2006

Light winds for the Sojourn on Lake Winnebago, 2000

Dusk on The Island, 2002

The Sweat Lodge, 2003

Our site on The Island in the morning, 2004

Teresa and Scott at a bonfire, 2004

Up in a tree in the Jackson Marsh, 2006

Barging on the Wisconsin River

Before the storm on the Wisconsin River, 2003


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